About Us

New Delite Industries, previously known as “Delite Industries (Private Limited)” are the manufacture of the famous “Gazilex” brand of super copper enameled wire. the company produce high quality enameled copper wire since 1966 and enjoy the status of being the market leader in the industry. Gazilex is a familiar name and its products are known for its standard and quality which is comparable to any other brand of international repute. Gazilex is the first choice amongst its customers due to its reliability and consistency in quality

To safe guard its reputation of being the market leader. New Delite Industries makes strenuous effort for the production for Gazilex super copper enameled wire. Its utilizer state of the art machines and equipment along with the best available and dedicated personnel for the production of its product. in New Delite Industries, the motto is the produce product of better quality which not only fulfils the customers’ requirements but also provides peace of mind satisfaction. the motto forms a nucleus around which the whole process of New Delite Industries revolves and this can be seen form the quality policy of the company.

To keep up the good work, New Delite Industry went ahead to provide to its customer’s additional service in the form of before and after sale.

In order to pace up with changing work environment and to achievement higher ground its respect to quality the company. In the new millennium acquired the ISO -9002 certification. this shows the spirit and hard work the company is putting to achieve better result and to provide more satisfaction to its customers.

The Gazilex enameled wire is approved and widely used by Many Government, Semi Government, Industry Sector, And Multinational Companies. some of these valued customers are

:: Siemens Pakistan Limited

:: Philips Electrical Industries (Pakistan)

:: Wapda Transformation Reclamation

:: Telephone Industries of Pakistan

:: Karachi Electric Supply Corporation Limited

:: Syed Bhai’s (Private) Limited

New Delite Industries will keep on probing every aspect as regard to better quality and will keep on improving and achieving new targets. because when it’s come to achieve goals, the sky should New Delite Industries aims to produce quality products and confirms to the customer’s need ultimately reaching clients satisfaction to achieve this goal following actions are under taken

:: Manufacturing quality product using state of the art technology according to international standard at optimal cost

:: Continuous adopting to the changing work environment through training & enhancing the skill of their employees.

:: Sharing experience of skilled personnel.